A fully decentralized store of value

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Diversify easily

  Are you looking for a cryptocurrency investment opportunity that captures value growth from multiple projects? Look no further than KEIR, the revolutionary token with a capped supply of 1 billion tokens. Paired with multiple projects, KEIR's value grows alongside them, making it a top pick for investors seeking a diverse and profitable cryptocurrency portfolio. Let's dive in and discover what makes KEIR so exciting.

Easy to buy

   With the RBX widget integration, you can easily purchase $KEIR from any network, with any token.

  • Native on Binance Smart Chain
    Paired to $PAPER, the native token of CryptoLink
  • Transact With Anything
    Want to buy $KEIR with $MATIC? With $ETH? The choice is yours!
  • Blindingly Fast
    With the introduction of V2, cross chain transactions take place in as little as 7 seconds!

Strategically Paired

   $KEIR is a game-changing cryptocurrency with a value proposition that's hard to beat. Paired with multiple projects, $KEIR captures value growth from a diverse range of sources. This diversification is key, as it protects investors from putting all their eggs in one basket. Plus, with a capped supply of just 1 billion tokens, KEIR's value will never be diluted. It's the perfect combination of stability and growth potential.

  • Supply Deflates Over Time
    A portion of revenue goes to buying back $KEIR and burning it to the null address
  • Fair Launch - Decentralized
    No tokens in reserve. Entire supply was paired to $PAPER upon creation, providing a hard floor!

Our Tokenomics are simple

Fair Launch

Starting supply
Entire supply paired to $PAPER
No presale!
No Team Tokens
Public Fair Launch


No taxes
Tax free store of value
Paired to blue chips
Strategically paired to protocols with a high probability of success
Community is free to create new pair

No inflation

Supply is bought and burnt
Revenue $KEIR generates goes to buy back and burn $KEIR
Supply reduction raises floor price
Within the first week $KEIR reduced supply by over 3%


   KEIR is a cryptocurrency that's shaking up the market. With a capped supply, paired with multiple projects, and paired with $PAPER, KEIR offers unparalleled growth potential and stability. And with a fair launch and liquidity pool, investors have equal access and the flexibility to buy or sell whenever they want. KEIR is the diversification opportunity you've been waiting for! With protected liquidity, and no team tokens, $KEIR is a token that doesn't require you to trust the developers.

Kick back and relax knowing that your money is in a fully decentralized asset that grows in value based off the overall crypto market performance.