Buy $KEIR token - Simply, easily, anywhere

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Step 1: Connect wallet

First and foremost, click the "connect wallet" button, and approve the connect request.

Step 1: Select origin network

Simply select the origin network you are buying FROM, and the token you'd like to use.

Step 2: Select BSC network

Select the output network as the BSC network.

Step 3: Swap to $KEIR

$KEIR is paired to $PAPER natively.

PAPER CONTRACT: 0xE239b561369aeF79eD55DFdDed84848A3bF60480

If the $KEIR token fails to load the routing:

You can manually paste the $KEIR contract in the output field.

$KEIR CONTRACT: 0x9053ce7Bd205ea413b97184CD02Bca9B5C7f9B97

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